Residential Security

Epic Systems Group can help protect the lives and property at your home. We take the same professional approach to protecting residential properties as we do for large business and commercial facilities.

We provide our residential customers an excellent value for the price. We don’t engage in pricing gimmicks or back-load costs in long contracts. If you do business with a more famous company, a lot of what you pay for is their sales and marketing budgets, not the actual service. Those TV ads you see and radio ads you hear are paid for by customers. Our “big brand” competitors engage in what’s known in the security business as “lick and stick security” — providing you with cheap, unreliable equipment, free or for a minimal up-front cost. But their expensive monthly monitoring services mean you will pay much more as time passes.

Epic’s approach to protecting residential customers includes much better components that are industrial grade or nearly so and better technology,

  • We use “tight wireless” channels that are harder to hack by potential intruders.
  • Our systems use bi-directional settings so that when turning it on or off the signal being sent gives confirmation from the control unit, not just from the panel.
  • Our equipment is housed in a tamper-proof “head unit” (control unit) that’s installed in a location away from the panel, so that disruption of the panel does not disconnect the system.

While we can’t match the cheapness of our larger competitors, in the long term we provide a better value with lower overall cost. Because you own the equipment you’ll pay less for ongoing monitoring service, not an open-ended lease on the equipment.

When you secure with Epic you get more than equipment and monitoring — you work with our highly trained, well managed, professional employees, most of whom have been with us for more than ten years.

Epic Systems Group’s Intelligent Security Integration can provide your home all the protection it needs. Contact our office today at 1-800-273-4258 or email us so we can talk about what you need and how we can help.